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Water, Culture, and Politics in Germany and the American West


Susan C. Anderson and Bruce H. Tabb

Contents: Susan C. Anderson: Introduction: The Rhetorical Power of Water – John E. Davidson: «It’s a Nice Day for a Canoe Ride»: An Essay on Ecological Issues in Contemporary Culture – Marton Marko: From Clouds to Swamps: Cultural Dissolutions in Science and on Screen from Humboldt to Herzog – W. Scott McLean: The Jeweled Net of Water in Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers without End – Karen R. Achberger: Rescue from Kesey’s «Great Notion»: The Healing Power of Water in Seghers, Frischmuth, and Bachmann – Sabine Wilke: Die Zähmung der grausamen Frau: Seelenlose Wasserkreaturen und ihre Welt des Imaginären – Siegfried Mews: Of Water Sprites, Drowned Maidens, and Omnipotent Fish: On Some (Mis)Representations of Water in German Postromantic Literary Texts – Ralph W. Buechler: Water, Exploration, and Liberation in the Essays of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg – Rita Gudermann: Between Scarcity and Abundance: Water and Agriculture in Nineteenth-Century Prussia – Christoph Bernhardt: The Correction of the Upper Rhine in the Nineteenth Century: Modernizing Society and State by Large-Scale Water Engineering – Dieter Schott: Remodeling «Father Rhine»: The Case of Mannheim 1825-1914 – Sandra Chaney: Water for Wine and Scenery, Coal and European Unity: Canalization of the Mosel River, 1950-1964 – Dennis Domer: Water Witching: Germans and the Magical Tradition on the Prairie Plains – Jeff R. Bremer: To Water the Valley: Irrigation, Canals, and the Alexander Commission – Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted: Hydraulic Cities: The Urbanization of the Mid-Columbia Plateau.