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Women Faculty of Color in the White Classroom


Lucila Vargas

Contents: Lucila Vargas: Introduction – Lucila Vargas: Why Are We Still So Few and Why Has Our Progress Been So Slow? – Lucila Vargas: My Classroom in Its Context: The Struggle for Multiculturalism – Giselle Liza Anatol: «Passing/Out» in the Classroom: Eradicating Binaries of Identity – Lisa D. Chavez: Reading the Body Indian: A Chicana Mestiza’s Experience Teaching Literature – Kimberly Nichele Brown: Useful Anger: Confrontation and Challenge in the Teaching of Gender, Race, and Violence – Rashmi Luthra: Negotiating the Minefield: Practicing Transformative Pedagogy as a Teacher of Color in a Classroom Climate of Suspicion – Xue Lang Rong: Teaching with Differences and for Differences: Reflections of a Chinese American Teacher Educator – Cecilia G. Manrique: A Foreign Woman Faculty’s Multiple Whammies – Fay Yokomizo Akindes: The Pacific Asianized Other: Teaching Unlearning among Midwestern Students – Dolores Black-Connor Cleary: Contradictions in the Classroom: Reflections of an Okanogan-Colville Professor – Zeinabu irene Davis: Pushing Beyond the Stereotypes and Fostering Collaboration: One Sistuh’s Approach to Teaching Media Production – Lou-Ann Crouther: «Results Matter»: When the Other Teacher Teaches English in the Bluegrass State – Anne B. Onyekwuluje: Guess Who’s Coming to Class: Teaching through the Politics of Race, Class, and Gender – Diana I. Rios: A U.S.-Born Latina Professor: Cultural Stranger in My Own Classroom – Priti Kumar: Yellow Lotus in White Lily Pond: An Asian American Woman Teaching in Utah – Ryuko Kubota: Marginality as an Asset: Toward a Counter-Hegemonic Pedagogy for Diversity – Fredi Avalos-C’deBaca: We Do Not Want You to Be Human, We Want You to Be Right: Dilemmas of Legitimacy in Environments of Privilege – Kristina Casto: Opening a Dialogue: From a White Student’s Perspective.