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Canada Observed

Perspectives from Abroad and from Within


Jürgen Kleist and Shawn Huffman

Contents: Arnd Bohm: A Promised Land? Canada through German Eyes – Pádraig Ó Gormaile: Canada from the Out-Inside: The Irish Story – Marc Harris: Imperial Projection: Americans Imagine Canada – Dan Hubbard/James Stephen Krysiek: Tarnishing the Fleur-de-lis: American Business Establishment Views on Quebec Separatism – Patrick Imbert: Globalization, Postmodernism and their Influence on Canadian Identities – Melody Hessing: Canada Unobserved: Globalization and Canadian Environmental Restructuring – Catriona Sandilands: Observing Nature, Observing Canada: National Parks, Discipline, and Spectacle – James T. McHugh: On the Difference Between «a Nation» and «une Nation»: Canadian and Québécois Theories of Nationalism – Sylvie Beaudreau: Québec Observed: Icons of Identity in Modern Québec – Howard Ramos: Identity and the Politics of Recognition: The Internal and External Uses of National Symbols by the James Bay Cree – Louis M. Imbeau: Guardians and Advocates in Deficit Elimination: Government Intervention in the Budgetary Process in Three Canadian Provinces – Eric Gadzinski: The View from the Styx: Canada and Conscience in Tim O’Brien’s «On the Rainy River» – Peter Hertz-Ohmes: Kroker Inc: Panic Intervention in Postmodern Canada – Mary K. Kirtz: English-Canadian Literary Cultures Observed: Shield’s Small Ceremonies and Atwood’s Lady Oracle – Kevin Flynn: Letting off Steam: British Travel Narratives of the Canadian Pacific Railway and their Influence on Canadian Nationalism.