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Unseen Genders

Beyond the Binaries


Felicity Haynes and Tarquam McKenna

Contents: Felicity Haynes: Introduction – Delphine McFarlane: Unseen Genders: Looking for the Orlando Effect – Chris Somers/Felicity Haynes: Intersex: Beyond the Hidden A-Genders – Michael A. ‘Miqqi Alicia’ Gilbert: A Sometime Woman: Gender Choice and Cross-Socialization – Adrianne Dana-Tabet: Making a Transgenderist: The Construction of Gender Identity in Boston and Amsterdam – Jamison Green: The Art and Nature of Gender – Tarquam McKenna: Enactments of Difference – Wayne Martino/Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli: Gender Performativity and Normalizing Practices – Richard Ekins/Dave King: Tales of the Unexpected: Exploring Transgender Diversity through Personal Narrative – Katherine Johnson: Studying Transsexual Identity – Surya Monro: Gender Love and Gender Freedom – Sam Dylan More: Gender as (Native) Language – Ashley Tauchert: Beyond the Binary: Fuzzy Gender and the Radical Center – Lee Anderson Brown: Fractured Masks: Voices from the Shards of Language – Tarquam McKenna: Conclusion.