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Religion in a Pluralistic Age

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Philosophical Theology


Donald A Crosby and Charley D. Hardwick

Contents: Frederick Ferré: Public Religion - Public Metaphysics – Ingolf U. Dalferth: Paradigm Lost - From the Sense of the Whole to the Sense of the Presence of God – Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki: Pragmatic Pluralism – Kathlyn A. Breazeale: Marriage After Patriarchy? Partner Relationships and Public Religion – J. Harley Chapman: Theology As If Soul Mattered – Donald A. Crosby: Pluralistic Dialogue and Pragmatic Truth – Hermann Deuser: Religion and the Function of Religiousness - John Dewey’s A Common Faith – Mary Doak: Religion in Public - Dangerous Narratives and Practical Reasoning – Willem B. Drees: Naturalism, Morality, and Religion – Emanuel S. Goldsmith: Mordecai M. Kaplan, Religious Naturalism, and Evolving Jewish Thought – Fred W. Hallberg: Problems of Mutuality and Inequality in a Pragmatic Theory of Religious Truth – Guy B. Hammond: Conscience in Public and Private – Charley D. Hardwick: Foundational Elements in a Naturalistic Theology – Todd M. Lekan: Natural Piety - A Public Value – Ulrich Lincoln: Belief and Hope as Action in Søren Kierkegaard’s Works of Love – William D. Lindsey: Social Minds and Moral Development - Social Gospel Soundings of a Theme – Maria-Sibylla Lotter: What Could Be the Point in Speculating on God’s Personality - Some Observations on Whitehead – Charles S. Milligan: The Cosmic Dimension of Aesthetics – James O. Pawelski: William James and Epiphanal Experience – William L. Power: The Christian Myth and its Philosophical Interpretation - Some Peircean Musings – Howard B. Radest: One World At a Time – Heiko Schulz: Is There a Duty to Believe? Critical Reflections on the Doxastic Ethics of William James – Jerome P. Soneson: Religion, Nationalism, and War - A Niebuhrian Suggestion for the Dream of a Better World Gone Awry – Atsushi Sumi: Whitehead on Religion, Civilization and Adventure – Meredith Underwood: Watching the World Wake Up From History - The Postmodern Challenge to Historicist Theology.