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Science Fiction Curriculum, Cyborg Teachers, and Youth Culture(s)


John A. Weaver, Karen Anijar and Toby Daspit

Contents: Karen Anijar/John A. Weaver/Toby Daspit: Introduction – John A. Weaver: Curriculum Theorists as Spawns from Hell – Marla Morris: Chronicles and Canticles: Curriculum as Science Fiction Text – Suzanne Damarin: Required Reading: Feminist Sci-Fi and Post-Millennial Curriculum – Matthew Weinstein: Science/Education: Technoscience, Schools and Social Justice – Noel Gough: Narrative Experiments: Manifesting Cyborgs in Curriculum Inquiry – William M. Reynolds: Shooting Arrows into the Air: Deleuze and Vampires – Karen Anijar/Toni Humber: The Criminalizing of the Africanized Honeybee: A Science Fiction Disaster Tale Told in Semiotic Three-Part Harmony – Gini Doolittle: Assimilation: The Borg and Teacher Socialization – Karen Ferneding: Understanding Teacher’s Technological Pessimism Through the Eyes of Mary Shelley – Jason Earle/Sharon D. Kruse/Taylor P. Kruse: «You Have to Save the Planet», He Said: Reading the Animorphs – Toby Daspit: «Please Check Da Time/C’mon Check Da Rhyme»: Speculative History in Public Enemy’s Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age.