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Difficult Memories

Talk in a (Post) Holocaust Era


Marla B. Morris and John A. Weaver

Contents: William F. Pinar: Foreword – Marla Morris: A Difficult Road: Talk in (Post) Holocaust Voices – Grace Feuerverger: My Yiddish Voice – Alan A. Block: «If I Forget Thee...Thou Shall Forget»: The Difficulty of Difficult Memories – Claudia Eppert: Throwing Testimony Against the Wall: Reading Relations, Loss and Responsible/Responsive Learning – Jutta Schamp: Shadows from the Inside Out: The Construction of Memory as a Space-in-Between – James R. Watson: Philosophy and Reified Consciousness in the Age of Genocide – Judy Goldsmith: Three Germanies – William Campbell Doll: The Boiling Pot – David Blades: The Gentle Touch of Kedoshim – Dennis Sumara: Inventing Subjectivity in Post-Holocaust Times: A Narrative of Catastrophe and Slow Accumulation – John A. Weaver: Silence of Method – Belinda Davis/Peter Appelbaum: Post-Holocaust Science Education – Mary Aswell Doll: Portraits of Anti-Semites – David W. Jardine: «The Way to God and a True Life»: A Spiel on Martin Heidegger, Edmund Husserl and the Necessity of Interpretation to a Livable Pedagogy – Marla Morris: Curriculum Theory as Academic Responsibility: The Call for Reading Heidegger Contextually – Karen Anijar/Barbara Mascali: How Can We Speak at All?