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The Academic Study of Religion during the Cold War

East and West


Iva Dolezalová, Luther H. Martin and Dalibor Papousek

Contents: Kurt Rudolph: Foreword – Charles Marie Ternes: The Study of Roman Religion after World War II – Gary Lease: Under the Shadows of Ideology: Theology and the Study of Religion under National Socialism, Marxism, and Capitalism – Michał Buchowski: Communism and Religion: A War of Two Worldview Systems – Weigang Chen: Communism and Religion: The Problem of Popular Religion for Chinese Marxist Ideology – Břetislav Horyna: The Study of Religions during the Cold War: An Eastern View – Josef Kandert: Ethnographic Research on Religion during the Socialist Era: The Czech Case – Ján Komorovský/Milan Kováč: The Study of Religions in the Slovak Republic under the Conditions of Communism – Dalibor Papoušek: The Soviet School of Historians of Early Christianity and Its Influence in Former Czechoslovakia: The Question of Jesus’ Historicity – Halina Grzymała-Moszczyńska: Does Ideology Matter for Psychology of Religion? – Dmitriy Mikulskiy: Soviet Post-War Studies of Beliefs among the Native Settled Population of Central Asia: Between Academic Objectivity and Ideological Requirements – Linnart Mäll: Semiotics as a Possibility for the Study of Religious Texts under the Conditions of Communism – Luboš Bĕlka: Bidiya D. Dandaron: The Case of a Buryat Buddhist and Buddhologist during the Soviet Period – Jan Bouzek: Studies of Ancient Religions: Communication in the Soviet Bloc in the «Grey Zone» – Karel Werner: Struggling to Be Heard: In and out of Academia - on Both Sides of the Divide – Luther H. Martin: The Academic Study of Religions during the Cold War: A Western Perspective – Gustavo Benavides: Jakob Wilhelm Hauer, or Karmayoga as a Cold War Weapon – Willem Hofstee: Religion and Ideology: Dutch Science of Religions during the Cold War – William E. Paden: Durkheim’s Revenge: Trajectories and Ironies in the American History of Religions Traditions during the Cold War – Donald Wiebe: Religious Studies in North America during the Cold War – Jacques Waardenburg: The Study of Religion during the Cold War: Views of Islam – Michael Pye: Political Correctness in the Study of Religions: Is the Cold War Really Over?