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Essays in Honor of Burleigh Wilkins

From History to Justice


Aleksandar Jokic

Contents: Aleksandar Jokic: Preface – Burleigh T. Wilkins: An Intellectual Autobiography – Johnatan L. Gorman: From History to Justice: Understanding Philosophy of History – Paul Redding: Wilkins, Hegel, and History – C. Behan McCullagh: Understanding History – Susan Meld Shell: Honor and the End of History: A Reading of Kant’s «Renewed Question» – Frederick G. Whelan: Taking Burke Seriously – Kai Nielsen: The Crisis of Socialism and Analytical Marxism – David Copper: An Introduction to Applied Ethics. With References to Contributions by Burleigh Wilkins – Aleksandar Jokic: What is Wrong with Potentialism? – Margaret Gilbert: Considerations on Collective Guilt – Brenda M. Baker: Wilkins on Intention and Responsibility, and the Obligation to Obey the Law – Edmund Wall: Coercion, Voluntariness, and Valid Consent – Thomas Pogge: On the Third Principle of Justice Proposed by Burleigh Wilkins – J. Angelo Corlett: Collective Moral Responsibility – Burleigh T. Wilkins: Replies and Reflections – Burleigh T. Wilkins: Epilogue – Joseph White: Two Voices - Philosopher and Writer.