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Talking Back and Acting Out

Women Negotiating the Media Across Cultures


Sandra Jackson and Ann M. Russo

Contents: Sandra Jackson/Ann Russo: Introduction – Sandra Jackson: Encounters with Simulacra: The Media, Representations of Blackness, and Me – Elena Tajima Creef: Childhood Reflections from a Shattered Mirror: Looking for Images of Strong Asian Women – Marilyn Katz: Snapshots – Harvette Grey: Images of Beauty: The Media, Marilyn, and Me – Juana Q. Goergen: A Través del Espejo (Through the Looking Glass) – Elizabeth A. Kelly: You Could Throw Them Away without Breaking Your Heart: My Life in Magazines – Layla P. Suleiman Gonzalez: Mirada de Mujer: Negotiating Latina Identities and the Telenovela – Kate Kane: What Puts the «Me» in Media? An Umphaloskeptic Interrogation of Television and Identity – Shailja Sharma: Kamasutra – Lynn Lu: A Tangled Web – Elizabeth Jean Nelson: Before and After: A Story of Resistance – Erica Meiners: Contradictions at the Cook County Jail: Snapshots on the Complexities of Volunteering for Social Change – Lourdes Torres: Becoming Visible: U.S. Latina Lesbians Talk Back and Act Out – Francesca T. Royster: Everyday Use, or How I Stole Othello and What I Did with Him – Laila Farah: Living in the Hyphen-Nation – Ann Russo: Stories of Survival, Stories of Resistance.