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Transmediation in the Classroom

A Semiotics-Based Media Literacy Framework


Ladislaus M. Semali

Contents: Ladislaus M. Semali: Transmediation: Why Study the Semiotics of Representation? – Judith Fueyo: Professing Transmediation but Transmediating Hardly Ever – Mary Napoli: Transmediating in the Classroom: Implementing Critical Literacy in Elementary Grades – Pei-Yu Chang: Transmediating through Play and Art in the World of Children – Deb Marciano: Teaching Styles as Evidenced in Classrooms: A Semiotic Look at Picture Books – Richard E. De Gourville: Urban Black School Identities Viewed through Popular Media: Lessons in Semiotic Representation – William Garcia-Cardona: Can You Picture It? Representations of Social Class in Photographs – René Antrop-Gonzalez: Semiotic Representations of Puerto Ricans in Hollywood Cinema: I Don’t Like It Like That – Arda Arikan: Critical Media Literacy and ESL/EFL Classrooms – Sarah Green: Who’s Running The Show? Deconstruction of Gender and Ally McBeal – Jamie Myers: Afterword: Semiotic Assumption in the Social Practice of Critical Literacy.