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The Mission of the Scholar

Research and Practice – A Tribute to Nelson Haggerson


Michael P. Wolfe and Caroline R. Pryor

Contents: Robin McTaggart: Action Research Scholar. The Role of the Scholar in Action Research – Betty E. Steffy/Michael P. Wolfe: Conceptual Scholar. Understanding the Challenges Facing Career Classroom Teachers – Caroline R. Pryor: Practitioner Scholar – David C. Berliner: Empirical Scholar. In Search of Warrant – John Smyth: Critical Scholar. Exploring the Critical Politics of Teaching – Nelson L. Haggerson, Jr.: Mytho-Poetic Scholar – Lee Bach: Heuristic Scholar. Heuristic Inquiry and the Heuristic Scholar – Walter W. Feinberg: Philosophical Scholar. Methodists and Marxists: Learning to Ask Philosophical Questions – Louis M. Smith: Biographical Scholar. Nora, Charlie, and Me: A Biographical Journey – Barbara E. Thiering: Theological Scholar – William H. Watkins: Multicultural Scholar – Patrick Slattery/Rebecca McElfresh: Spiritual Scholar. Toward a Theology of Aesthetic Liberation – David Geoffrey Smith: Hermeneutic Scholar – Zeno M. Johnson III: Bibliographic Scholar. A Review of Selected Writings by Nelson L. Haggerson, Jr.