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Transforming Undergraduate Science Teaching

Social Constructivist Perspectives


Peter Taylor, Penny J. Gilmer and Kenneth Tobin

Contents: Peter C. Taylor/Penny J. Gilmer/Kenneth Tobin: Kenneth Tobin: Preface: Introducing Transformations – Peter C. Taylor: On Being Impressed by College Teaching – Craig Bowen: From Connections to Survival: Diane’s Experiences in the Chemistry Classroom – Noelle Griffiths: What Does that Word Mean? The Importance of Language in Learning Biology – Hedy Moscovici: Dynamics of Power in Teaching University Biology: Influence on Student Learning – Kathryn Scantlebury: A Feminist Pedagogy in Undergraduate Science: Conflicting Concepts? – Wolff-Michael Roth/Kenneth Tobin: College Physics Teaching: From Boundary Work to Border Crossing and Community Building – Abdullah O. Abbas/Kenneth A. Goldsby/Penny J. Gilmer: Promoting Active Learning in a University Chemistry Class: Metaphors as Referents for Teachers’ Roles and Actions – Rosalind Humerick: Effective Strategies for Active Learning in the Small Chemistry Classroom or Laboratory – Harold B. White III: Confronting Undergraduate Dualism with Problem-Based Learning – Susan Mattson: What It Means to Achieve: Negotiating Assessment in a Biology Course – Sabitra Brush: Team Teaching in a Restructured Physical Science Course – Carol Briscoe: Evolution of a University Biology Teacher’s Classroom Interactions – Kenneth Tobin: Learning to Teach Science Using the Internet to Connect Communities of Learners – Ben Cunningham: How Do I Express, Communicate, and Have Legitimated as Valid Knowledge the Spiritual Qualities in My Educational Journey? – Margarita Cuervo: Spirituality in the Classroom – Mark Campbell Williams: Dreams in University Computing Education: A Heuristic Self-Study – Penny J. Gilmer: Opalescence at the Triple Point: Teaching, Research, and Service.