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Hungry Minds in Hard Times

Educating for Complexity for Students of Poverty


Rosalie M. Romano and Catherine H. Glascock

Contents: Barbara Waxman: Foreword – Rosalie M. Romano/Catherine H. Glascock: Preface – Rosalie M. Romano: Hungry Minds in Hard Times – Rosalie M. Romano: The Expedition and the Color of Truth – Rosalie M. Romano: Entering the Coal Mine, Metaphorically Speaking – Rosalie M. Romano/Amy Medved/Kristina Starr/Amanda Calpalbo/Kate Ball: Teachers as Knowledge Workers – Rosalie M. Romano: Pushing the Boundaries of Humaneness: Forging and Educative Community – Mumbi Kariuki/Mesut Duran/Teri Kent/Rosalie M. Romano: New Ways of Conceptualizing Teaching – Catherine H. Glascock: The Coal Project: Context Through Community – Jaylynne N. Hutchinson: Education Is a Revolutionary Thing – Rosalie M. Romano: Afterword.