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Curriculum Intertext



Erika Hasebe-Ludt and Wanda Hurren

Contents: David Geoffrey Smith: Preface: Some Thoughts on Living In-Between – Wanda Hurren/Erika Hasebe-Ludt: Invitation to the Intertext – Ted T. Aoki: Locating Living Pedagogy in Teacher «Research»: Five Metonymic Moments – Karen Meyer: (In)Different Spaces: Re-imagining Pedagogy in the Academy – Sannie Yuet-San Tang: Generative Interplay of/in Language(s) and Culture(s) Midst Curriculum Spaces – Constance Blomgren: Terra Incognita – David W. Jardine/Sharon Friesen/Patricia Clifford: «Behind Every Jewel Are Three Thousand Sweating Horses»: Meditations on the Ontology of Mathematics and Mathematics Education – Jeannette Scott MacArthur: In the Space Between the Threads: Reweaving the Yarns of Ethical Research – Marylin Low: Radical Contingencies in the Words of a Student: (Dis)placing, (Re)marking, Languaging – Kathy Nolan: conSCIENCEness Land(e)scapes – Patrick Verriour: Stories of an Itinerant Wayfarer: Narrative in the Space of Healing – Bruce David Russell: Reaching Haiku’s Pedagogical Nature – Cynthia Chambers: On Being a Disciple of Memoir – Wanda Hurren: Auto´•geo´•carto´•graphia´: (A Curricular Collage) – Antoinette Oberg: Paying Attention and Not Knowing – Carl Leggo: Backyard Questions Written in Stone and Water: Alchemic Possibilities in the Space of the Heart – Erika Hasebe-Ludt: By the Oldman River I Remembered – Leah Fowler: Narrative Plains of Pedagogy: A Curriculum of Difficulty – Lynn Fels: Performance, Place, and Possibility: Curricular Landscapes, Curricular Songs – Aristides Gazetas: Cultural Politics, Film Narratives, and Adult Education: Changing Identities in a Postmodern World – Tasha Henry: Teaching Tracks – David Blades: The Pedagogy of Technological Replacement – Ingrid Johnston: Reading and Resisting Silent Spaces of Whiteness in School Literature – Michelle Bertie-Holthe: Hiding in Plain Sight – Renee Norman: Whispers among Places: Teaching and Writing In-Between Past, Present, Future – Patricia Palulis: Uncanny Demarcations: Metonymic Writing as/in a Doubled Gesture – Patricia Sorensen: The Third Space of Ambivalent Construction – William F. Pinar: «High Volume Traffic in the Intertext»: After Words.