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New Insights in Germanic Linguistics III


Irmengard Rauch and Gerald F. Carr

Contents: Charles M. Barrack: Gamkrelidze versus Grimm: Devoicing in Proto-Germanic – Hans C. Boas: Syntactic or lexical licensing of non-subcategorized arguments? - The case of German «Sätzchen» – John Cleek: Money talks: Evidence from fieldwork in the Federal Republic of Germany – Kurt Gustav Goblirsch: The North Frisian lenition and Danish linguistic hegemony – Jiri Janko: Case attraction construction in Old High German – John Jeep: The rhetorical significance of the alliterative tradition in the Heliand – Anatoly Libermann: From the history of closed vowels in West Germanic – Enrique Mallen: On the distribution of restrictive vs. nonrestrictive adjectives. Germanic and Romance – Irmengard Rauch: Historical pragmatics: Pervasive evidence from Old Saxon – Dorian Roehrs: Toward eliminating case as a driving force for movement: «Licensing» of case and default case – Hermann Scheuringer: Still needed - Old High German vocalism explaining New High German dialect variation – Heidi Waltz: Delbrück’s Umdrehung in context – Christopher Wilhelm: Old Hittite postpositions: A fuzzy problem.