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Aesthetic Reflections


Ruth Lorand

Contents: Ruth Lorand: The Aesthetic Aspects of Television – Germina Nagat: Aesthetics of the Image-Wired World – Alexander Nehamas: Serious Watching – David Goldblatt: Running Reruns, Vacillating Channels: Toward an Expanded Reception Theory of Television – Eddy M. Zemach: What Do We See on TV? – Kathleen Marie Higgins: Television, Realism, and the Distortion of Time – Andrew Ballantyne: Architectonics of «The Box»: Television’s Spatiality – Eran Guter: Anti-Mimesis Live – Rob van Gerwen: Television as an Art: On Humiliation-TV – Katya Mandoki: The Secret Door: Reception Aesthetics of Telenovela – Sally Banes: TV-Dancing Women: Music Videos, Camera-Choreography, and Feminist Theory – Charles Leech: The TV Trailer: Enigma, The Matrix, and the Aesthetics of Choral Violence.