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The Freirean Legacy

Educating for Social Justice


Judith J. Slater, Steve Fain and Cesar A. Rossatto

Contents: Michael W. Apple: Preface: The Freirian Legacy – Ana Maria Araújo Freire: Paulo Freire and the Untested Feasibility – Joe L. Kincheloe/Shirley R. Steinberg: A Legacy of Paulo Freire: A Conversation – Veronica Gesser: Paulo Freire: The Man, His Work, and His Character – Peter McLaren/Ramin Farahmandpur: Freire, Marx, and the New Imperialism: Toward a Revolutionary Praxis – Judith J. Slater: Limitations of the Public Space: Habitus and Worldlessness – Gerard Huiskamp: Negotiating Communities of Meaning in Theory and Practice: Rereading Pedagogy of the Oppressed as Direct Dialogic Encounter – Jill L. Haunold: Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop: A History of American Child Labor and Compulsory Education; Emancipation or Reconstituted Oppression? – Ricky Lee Allen: Wake Up, Neo: White Identity, Hegemony, and Consciousness in The Matrix – Stephen M. Fain: The Quest for Authentic Engagement – Wendy W. Brandon: Interrupting Racial Profiling: Moving Pre-Service Teachers from White Identity to Equity Pedagogy – Cesar A. Rossatto: Critical Pedagogy Applied Praxis: A Freirean Interdisciplinary Project and Grassroot Social Movement – Laureen A. Fregeau/Robert D. Leier: Praxis and Teacher Visions of Socially Just School Reform – Dawn Emerson Addy: Community Dialogue: A Tool for Social Engagement and Class Awareness – Charles Reitz: Elements of Education: Critical Pedagogy and the Community College – Arisve Esquivel/Karla Lewis/Dalia Rodriguez/David Stovall/Tyrone Williams: We Know What’s Best for You: Silencing of People of Color.