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Teaching for Aesthetic Experience

The Art of Learning


Gene Diaz and Martha Barry McKenna

Contents: Shaun McNiff: Foreword – Gene Diaz/Martha Barry McKenna: Introduction: Imagining Questions – Maxine Greene: Carpe Diem: The Arts and School Restructuring – Sheng Kuan Chung: Zen (Ch’an) and Aesthetic Education – Martha Barry McKenna: Monday at the Met: Engaging with Works of Art Outside the Museum – Marjorie Cohee Manifold: In a Bishonan Boarding House: Time, Space, and the Social Dimensions of an Info Age Aesthetic – Gene Diaz: Experiencing the Moment – Karel Rose: Everything Changes: Transformative Thinking through Aesthetic Experience – Celeste Snowber: An Aesthetics of Everyday Life – Lisa Donovan: Unlocking the Aesthetic Experience: Exploring the Arts in the Classroom – Rishma Dunlop: Red Shoes: The Woman Artist/Educator in the Ivory Tower – Margaret Macintyre Latta: Curriculum as Medium for Sense Making: Giving Expression to Teaching/Learning Aesthetically – Craig Kridel: Biographical Imaginations: Aesthetic Adventures and Explorations in Living History – Joyce Salvage: Telling Tales Outside of School: Coconstructions of Self – Gene Diaz/Martha Barry McKenna: A Gathering of Voices.