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Diana Wynne Jones

An Exciting and Exacting Wisdom


Teya Rosenberg, Martha P. Hixon, Sharon M. Scapple and Donna R. White

Contents: Teya Rosenberg: Introduction – Karen Sands-O’Connor: Nowhere To Go, No One To Be: Diana Wynne Jones and the Concepts of Englishness and Self-Image – Maria Nikolajeva: Heterotopia as a Reflection of Postmodern Consciousness in the Works of Diana Wynne Jones – Karina Hill: Dragons and Quantum Foam: Mythic Archetypes and Modern Physics in Selected Works by Diana Wynne Jones – Deborah Kaplan: Diana Wynne Jones and the World-Shaping Power of Language – Charles Butler: Now Here: Where Now? Magic as Metaphor and as Reality in the Writing of Diana Wynne Jones – Sarah Fiona Winters: Good and Evil in the Works of Diana Wynne Jones and J. K. Rowling – Martha P. Hixon: The Importance of Being Nowhere: Narrative Dimensions and Their Interplay in Fire and Hemlock – Akiko Yamazaki: Fire and Hemlock: A Text as a Spellcoat – Sharon M. Scapple: Transformation of Myth in A Tale of Time City – Donna R. White: Living in Limbo: The Homeward Bounders as a Metaphor for Military Childhood – Alice Mills: The Trials and Tribulations of Two Dogsbodies: A Jungian Reading of Diana Wynne Jones’s Dogsbody – Marilynn S. Olson: Cats and Aliens in the Unreal City: T. S. Eliot, Diana Wynne Jones, and the Urban Experience – Charles Butler: Interview with Diana Wynne Jones.