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Travel, Text, Empire


Helen Gilbert and Anna Johnston

Contents: Helen Gilbert/Anna Johnston: Introduction – Lisa O’Connell: Scotland 1800: a Tourist’s Matrimonial Guide – Claudia Brandenstein: «Making ‘the agreeable’ to the big wigs»: Lady Nugent’s Grand Tour of Duty in Jamaica, 1801-1805 – Anna Johnston: «Tahiti, ‘the desire of our eyes’»: Missionary Travel Narratives and Imperial Surveillance – Leigh Dale: Imperial Traveler, Colonial Observer: Humanity and Difference in Five Years in Kaffirland – Jo Robertson: Anxieties of Imperial Decay: Three Journeys in India – Helen Tiffin: Pleasant Companions: Nineteenth-century Travel Writing and the Head-hunters of Borneo – Robert Clarke: Australia’s Sublime Desert: John McDouall Stuart and Bruce Chatwin – Hsu-Ming Teo: Femininity, Modernity, and Colonial Discourse – Robert Dixon: Frank Hurley’s Pearls and Savages: Travel, Representation, and Colonial Governance – Libby Macdonald: Prime Directives: Travel in Star Trek and the South Seas Tale – Gillian Whitlock: Instant Infamy: A Short History of Broometime – Helen Gilbert: Belated Travel: Ecotourism as a Style of Travel Performance.