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Readings in African American Language

Aspects, Features and Perspectives


Nathaniel Norment, Jr.

Contents: David Dalby: The African Element in Black American English – John Baugh: A Survey of Afro-American English – Ernie A. Smith: The Historical Development of Ebonics – Ralph W. Fasold/Walter A. Wolfram: Some Linguistic Features of Negro Dialect – Elaine E. Tarone: Aspects of Intonation in Black English – John Myhill: The Rise of Be as an Aspect Marker in Black English Vernacular – Ronald R. Butters: The Black English {-Z}: Some Theoretical Implications – Ralph W. Fasold: Tense and the Form Be in Black English – Marvin D. Loflin/J. L. Dillard/Nicholas R. Sobin: Auxiliary Structures and the Time Adverbs in Black American English – Arthur K. Spears: The Black English Semi-Auxiliary Come – Edgar W. Schneider: The Origin of the Verbal -s in Black English – Lisa J. Green: Study of Verb Classes in African American English – Stefan Martin/Walter A. Wolfram: The Sentence in African American Vernacular English – Nathaniel Norment, Jr.: Discourse Features of African American Students‘ Writing – Arnetha F. Ball: Cultural Preference and the Expository Writing of African-American Adolescents – Kikanza Nuri Webber: Teaching about Black English: An Annotated Syllabus.