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The Future of Educational Studies


George W. Noblit and Beth Hatt-Echeverria

Contents: George W. Noblit/Beth Hatt-Echeverria: Introduction: The Future of Educational Studies in the United States – Bryan McKinley/Jones Brayboy: The History of Anthropology and Future Research: Conducting «Fieldwork» – David Levine: Reform and Conflict in U.S. Urban Education During the Early Twentieth Century: Reflections on the Interpretive Struggle – Lynda Stone: Philosophy of Education as Guild Work – Steve Tozer: Making the Philosophical Practical – Mary Abascal-Hildebrand: Community as Text: Applying Ricoeurean Conceptions of Metaphor in Understanding Cultural Relations – Magnus O. Bassey: Foundational Studies in Teacher Education: A New Imperative – Clinton Collins: A New Class of Heroes: Fallout from the Clinton-Lewinsky Skandal – Hye-Kyeong Pae: Global Education from an Ecological Perspective: To Become a Global Citizen – Huey-li Li: Rethinking Virtual Community as Pedagogical Enterprise – Lanese Kwegyir Aggrey: White Identity Development in Preservice Teacher Education – Evelyn Sears: «Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired»: Exploring How the Story of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Can Enrich Multicultural Curricula – Lesley Shore: Good/Bad Girls and the Women Who Teach Them: A Renewed Call for Media Literacy – Angelique Williams/John A. Xanthopoulos: An Alternative to Criminal Behavior: Educating Inmates as Captive Students or Just Captives? – Beth Hatt-Echeverria: Prison Perspectives on Pedagogy – David M. Dees: Foundations of Education and Acting Theory? You’ve Got to Be Kidding! – Monte Piliawsky: Educational Reform or Corporate Agenda? State Takeover of Detroit’s Public Schools – Mary E. Weems: I Speak From the Wound in My Mouth: A Critical Response to a Confrontation with Institutionalized Racism – A. Keith Carreiro: Inquiry That Incites Insight – George W. Noblit/Beth Hatt-Echeverria/Sherick A. Hughes: Where Identity Meets Knowledge: The Future of Educational Studies.