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Literary Texts & the Arts

Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Corrado Federici and Esther Raventos-Pons

Contents: Martha Nandorfy: Sublime Negation in García Lorca’s Apocalyptic Imagery – Kenneth Holmqvist/Jaroslaw Pluciennik: Image and Imagination in the Theory of the Sublime – Charles Russell: Explorations of Postmodern Time, Space and Image – Klaus van den Berg: The Theatrical Image as a Site for Organizing Historical Experience: Heiner Müller’s Germania Death in Germany –Elaine Arvan Andrews: Coming to the Light: The «Uncannny» of Diane Arbus – Laura Barrett: Ekphrastic Photographs: A Study in Time and Timelessness – Nancy Pedri: Reading the Photographic Text with Lalla Romano – Leslie Boldt-Irons: Crossing over into Painted Space: Artaud’s Retrieval of Self in the Work of Paolo Uccello – Heather Dubnick: Borges and the Kaleidoscope: Coloring, Temporality, and Ineffability – Gayana Jurkevich: Affinities of Pen and Brush: Azorin’s Visual Tropology – Pauline Phipps: The Symbolic Body of the Historical Subject – Christina Wallace: The Portrait and the Mirror: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the Idea of Artistic Expression – Valeria Camporesi: Fahrenheit 451, the Film. The Nouvelle Vague between Books and Television – Catherine Ann Collins: The Iconography of Hope and Despair in Ferlinghetti’s and Stone’s Representations of Richard Nixon – Kuei-Lan Anna Ma: Prospero’s Books vs. The Tempest: A Synthesis of Shakespeare’s Ideas and Style into Film Form – Katherine Weiss: Mechanization and the Mechanized Eye in Beckett’s Play and Film.