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Educators, Therapists, and Artists on Reflective Practice


Julia Gentleman Byers and Michele Forinash

Contents: Martha McKenna: Foreword – Julia J. Gentleman Byers/Michele Forinash: Pentimento – Julia J. Gentleman Byers: Inspiration – Jane Utley Adelizzi: The Artistry of Teaching and Learning – Pamela Post: The Transformational Power of Stories: Hearing Another’s Truth Helps Me to Understand Mine – John Woodall: The Language of Ethics in Group Transformation: Building an Inter-Religious Coalition of Bosnian Women – Ellen Ober: Breast Cancer as Training for Public Activism – Judith Beth Cohen: The Mermaid’s Legs, the Artist’s Hands, the Professor’s Assumptions – Francis A. Martin: Confessional Writing in the Process of Therapy: Our Shared Journey – Emily R. Ferrara: The Saving Grace of Vulnerability: Fostering Reflective Practice in Medical Students Through Creative Writing – Suzanne B. Hanser: Childbirth, Childdeath – Caryl Beth Thomas: Moving Forward – Shannon Sherman: In Silence – Christine Novy: Creativity as Counterplot – Lisa Martino: Catching My Breath: The Challenge of Finding Connection – Michele Forinash: The Inspiration Continues.