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Finding Our Way

Reforming Teacher Education in the Liberal Arts Setting


Richard J. Mezeske and Barbara Mezeske

Contents: Cheryl L. Rosaen: Prologue – Mary Diez: Introduction – Richard J. Mezeske: TE Reform: All This Commotion and Our Place in It – Jeanine M. Dell’Olio: Developing a Conceptual Framework: Philosophy, Articulation, Alignment, and Coherence – Nancy L. Cook: The Evolution of Assessment – Richard J. Mezeske: TE Reform: The Problems of Translating Teacher Knowledge into Teacher Action in the Reading Classroom – Teunis Donk: Learning to Teach Writing: Reforms and the Teacher Candidate – Susan Cherup/Linda Linklater: Integrating Technology Throughout the Teacher Education Sequence – C. Baars Bultman: Insider/Outsider: The Ultimate School-College Collaboration – John Yelding: Attracting Minority Candidates to Careers in Teaching – Yooyeun Hwang: Mentoring the Scholarly Educator – Leslie Wessman/Linda Jordan: Reflections on a Brain-Considerate Approach to Learning – Ronald Wolthuis: Preparing Preservice Teachers for Teaching At-Risk Children – Jeanine M. Dell’Olio/Richard J. Mezeske: Evolution: Field Experience and Clinical Practice – Mary Diez: Finding Their Way: Lessons for Teacher Educators.