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Resistance in Nazi Germany

John J. Michalczyk

Contents: John J. Michalczyk: Foreword – James Bernauer, S.J.: Historical Memory: A Continuing of the Resistance? – Paul Bookbinder: Confronting Resistance in Nazi Germany: An Overview – Donald J. Dietrich: Christianity in the Third Reich: Adaptation and Resistance – James N. Pellechia: The Cost of Spiritual Resistance: Jehovah’s Witnesses during the Nazi Era – Rudolf Graichen: One Person’s Account of Spiritual Resistance – Dennis Showalter: Conscience, Honor and Expediency: The German Army’s Resistance to Hitler – Paul Bookbinder: The Nazis Must Go, the Tyrant Must Die - 1938 – Peter Hoffmann: The German Resistance and the Holocaust – Rachel Freudenburg, with Andreas Thomas/Jenny Gesualdo/Priscilla Loh: «You see it too Simply». Freya von Moltke Looks Back on the Kreisau Circle – Ina R. Friedman: The Red Orchestra and Cato Bontjes Van Beek – Nathan Stoltzfus: Rosenstrasse: Civil Courage of Ordinary Persons in Nazi Germany – George Wittenstein: The White Rose: A Commitment – John J. Michalczyk/Franz Joseph Müller of the White Rose: The White Rose Student Movement in Germany: Its History and Relevance Today – Anna E. Rosmus: The Struggle Continues: Hate Crime in Germany Today.