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Critical Essays on Contemporary European Culture and Society

Ursula Beitter

Contents: Ursula E. Beitter: Introduction – Steve Watson: England, Who’s England? – Roberto E. Campo: The Oriental ‘Other’ and French Self-Fashioning from Turoldus to Camus – Phil Cox: The New Europe’s New University: Academic Freedom and ‘World Citizen’ Values – Dinah Dodds: German Unification and East German Youth: Ten Years after the Wall – Denise Egéa-Kuehne: The Challenge of Languages and Democratic Education in the European Union – Barbara Fischer: Paths to Integration: Learning from Texts from the Periphery – David A. Freeman: Nietzsche’s Holism: A Paradigm for Integration – Sharon Hampel/Seth Ward: Milton, Selden, and Hebraic Sources for the Modernizing of European Law: The Case of Divorce – Barbara Lekatsas: Ancient Greece and Modern Feminism – Michèle Lemettais: Multiculturalism: A French Possibility in a Diverse Europe? – David W. Lovell: Multiculturalism and the New Europe – Michael McAnear: Perceptions of Austria: Modeling Anti-Foreigner Sentiment? – Erin E. Mountz/Edward J. Chute: Tunc et Nunc: Christianity and the Calendar at the Crossroads of Time – Gary Overvold: The Concept of Europe and the Enlightenment Ideal: Husserl and the Contemporary Debate – Elke Segelcke: Experiences of ‘Otherness’: Writing National and Multicultural Identities in Postunification Germany – Cristiana Senigaglia: Identity and Difference: The Claim of the «Threatened Minorities» – Maïr Verthuy: France as a Microcosm of Post-Schengen Europe. Reflections on the New Literature – Friederike von Schwerin-High: Constructions of Alterity in Doris Dörrie’s Book Bin ich schön and in Her Film Bin ich schön – William Walker: The Aftermath of German Unification: The Issue of Complicity and Self-vindication in the Memoirs of Hermann Kant – Mohamed Yamba: The Integration of Immigrant Populations in the European Union.