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Creating Alternative Discourses in the Education of Latinos and Latinas

A Reader


Raul E. Ybarra and Nancy López

Contents: Raul E. Ybarra: Creating Alternative Discourses in the Education of Latinos and Latinas: Introduction – Ramona Hernández/Glenn Jacobs: The Drift of Latino Students Through Public Higher Education: Testimonies on Slipping Through the Cracks of the Iron Cage – Nancy López: Rewriting Race and Gender High School Lessons: Second-Generation Dominicans in New York City – Steve Fernandez: Jim Crow: A Phoenix Rising in Boston - The Trend Toward Separate and Unequal in the Boston Public Schools – Raul E. Ybarra: Writing as a Hostile Act: A Reason for Latino Students’ Resistance to Learning – Roberto A. Ibarra: Academic Success and the Latino Family – Lorna Rivera: Literacy for Change: Latina Adult Learners and Popular Education – Gabriella C. Gonzalez: The Effects of Family Background, Immigration Status, and Social Context on Latino Children’s Educational Attainment – Rosita M. A. Ramírez: Latino Parents Put Into Words: Immigrant Parents Share Their Beliefs on Education Through an After School Parents, Children, and Computers Project – Nancy López: Latina and Latino Education: Rearticulating Discourses, Pedagogies, and Praxis.