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Internet Research Annual

Selected Papers from the Association of Internet Researchers Conference 2003, Volume 2


Mia Consalvo and Matthew Allen

Contents: Mia Consalvo: Like City Lights, Receding: Internet Research Past and Present – Steve Jones: AoIR 2003 Keynote: Notes Toward an Engaged Association – Susanna Paasonen: Net Years, Pioneers, and Flat Perspectives: Temporality and Internet Research – Grant Kien: Internet Time: Socio-Spatial Coordination Online – Steve Bailey: Identity, Intersection, Irony: Doubling the Self in the Digital Age – Lori Kendall: Diary of a Networked Individual: System Design’s Effects on Online Relationships – Nancy K. Baym: Online Communication in Close Relationships: Revealing What Surveys Obscure – Claudia Ivón Rivera de Blanco: Foreign Selves in Foreign Online Environments: the Lack of Anonymity for Non-native Speakers – Randolph Kluver: Political Culture in Online Politics – Erika Pearson: Trust: Is Social Capital a Precondition for Democratic Activity Online? – Sherida Ryan: Don’t Trust Anyone Outside Your Pack: Initial Trust Formation in an Online Social Activist Network – Ted M. Coopman: Dissentworks: Identity and Emergent Dissent as Network Structures – Craig Watters: Infrastructure, Technology, and Rural Communities: Spatial Issues Lost in a Rural County’s Regional Development – Alison Powell: E-Life and Real Life: On- and Off-line Social Life in an Internet Café – Elaine Lally: At Home with Informtion: The Informatization of Domestic Life – Lance Hayden: High-Risk Information (HRI): A Proposed Theoretical Framework – Pauline Hope Cheong/Holley A. Wilkin: Digital Divide(s) among Hispanic Immigrants and Implications for Health Information Seeking – Cecelia Merkel: Beyond Deficit Models of Technology Use: Viewing «Have-Nots» as Active Technology Users.