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Prophet Margins

The Medieval Vatic Impulse and Social Stability


Edward Risden, Karen Moranski and Stephen Yandell

Contents: Edward L. Risden/Stephen Yandell/Karen R. Moranski: Introduction: Prophecy as Political Discourse – Edward L. Risden: Old English Heroic Poet-Prophets and Their (Un)stable Histories – William P. Hyland: Prophecy and Community Leadership in Rudolph of Fulda’s Vita Leobae – Heinz Baader: Wolfram’s Culturally Prophetic Parzival – Mickey Sweeney: Gawain’s Tempting Helen: Prophesying the Fall of Camelot – Stephen Yandell: Prophetic Authority in Adam of Usk’s Chronicle – William F. Hodapp: Performing Prophecy: The Advents of Christ in Medieval Latin Drama – Russell Rutter: Printing, Prophecy, and the Foundation of the Tudor Dynasty: Caxton’s Morte Darthur and Henry Tudor’s Road to Bosworth – Theodore L. Steinberg: Poetry and Prophecy: a Skelton Key – Karen R. Moranski: The Son Who Rules «all Bretaine to the sey»: The Whole Prophesie and the Union of Crowns.