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Neoplatonic Aesthetics

Music, Literature, & the Visual Arts

Liana De Girolami Cheney and John Shannon Hendrix

Contents: John Hendrix/Liana De Girolami Cheney: Introduction – Turker Eroglu/Haci Mustafa Acikoz: One Instrument (Ney) and Two Philosophical Traditions – Georgia Markea/Christos Terezis: The Art of Flute-Playing in Proclus, the Neoplatonist – Kalomoira Polychronopoulou/Christos Terezis: The Neoplatonic Approach of Proclus to Music in Relation to Politics and Metaphysics – Lisa Friend: Grammar, Rhetoric and Music: Zarlino’s Theories and Pierre Boulez: «L’Artisanat Furieux» from Le Marteau Sans Maître – Albert Anderson: Plato’s Heritage in the Arts: Form as Essence – Jonathan Scott Lee: «...if one had the power to look at the god in oneself» - Metaphysics as Hermeneutics in the Aesthetics of Plotinus – Patrick Quinn: Translator as Commentator: Stephen MacKenna’s Views on Spiritual Transcendence – Sante Maletta: Moral Life and the Experience of Beauty: Iris Murdoch’s Pilgrimage from Fantasy into Reality – Allie Terry: A Humanist Reading of Fra Angelico’s Frescoes at San Marco – John Hendrix: The Neoplatonic Aesthetics of Leon Battista Alberti – Aphrodite Alexandrakis: Plotinus, Marsilio Ficino, and Renaissance Art – Michael Grillo: David’s Other: Creation by the Gaze – Tammy Smithers: Michelangelo’s Artistic Captivity as Mirrored in His Neoplatonic Captives – Liana De Girolami Cheney: Giorgio Vasari’s Neoplatonic Cosmology: The Planets – Marie Frank: Platonic Thought in American Design Theory c. 1900 – Youli Rapti/Helen Tatla: Neoplatonic Origins of Postmodern Art and Architecture.