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Frames, Borders, Limits – Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Leslie Boldt-Irons, Corrado Federici and Ernesto Virgulti

Contents: David Escoffery: Dada Performance and the Rhetoric of Nonsense: Tearing Down the Fourth Wall at the Cabaret Voltaire – Gary Genosko: Phatic (Dys)functions: The Shifting Contour of the TV Screen – Elizabeth K. Menon: Web Installation Art, Interactivity and «User Connectivity» – Sarah Lippert: Gustave Moreau and the Paragone: A Painter’s Challenge to a New Breed of Art Critic – John Picchione: Poetry and Visual Practices in Italy: Aesthetic and Ideological Subversions – Karen Ware: Frank O’Hara’s Oranges: The Relations between Poetry, Painting and Painters – Lourdes Bates: Fantasies of Modernity in Mid-Century Mexico – Laurence Petit: «Truth in Framing»: Medusa’s Defeat or the Triumph of the «Framed» Self in A.S. Byatt’s Medusa’s Ankles – Gyllian Raby: From Pre-Luddites to the Human Genome Project: Smashing Frames in Shelagh Stephenson’s An Experiment with an Air Pump – Jaime Bihlmeyer: Novel, Script, Image: A Case Study of the Phallic (M)other in Mainstream Culture – Cy-Thea Sand: «Under the Promise of Bark»: Erotic Power in Emily Carr’s Self-Portrait (1938-1939) – Cristina Santos: The Monstrous Representation of Women in the Mexican Cultural Imaginary – Maria Beaudoin: Creating a «Maxx»imum Narratology: The Maxx, Comic Books, and Narrative Theory – Michela Meschini: Rewriting Las Meninas: Imagery and Textuality in Antonio Tabucchi’s Il gioco del rovescio – Christina Wallace: Intersecting Blake: Rereading The Marriage of Heaven and Hell – Faith Balisch: Lynn Johnston’s «Theratoons»: Extending the Limits of the Comic Strip – Patrick Lennon: Depiction and Destruction: W.G. Sebald’s Realism – Judith Levy: Between Presence and Absence: Caravaggio’s The Supper at Emmaus.