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Institutions & Public Law

Comparative Approaches


Tom Ginsburg and Robert A. Kagan

Contents: Tom Ginsburg/Robert Kagan: Introduction: Institutionalist Approaches to Courts as Political Actors – R. Shep Melnick: «One Government Agency Among Many»: The Political Juris-Prudence (sic) of Martin Shapiro – Howard Gillman: How Political Parties Can Use the Cours to Advance Their Agendas: Federal Courts in the United States, 1875-1891 – R. Shep Melnick: Deregulating the States: The Political Jurisprudence of the Rehnquist Court – Alec Stone Sweet: Judicial Authority and Market Integration in Europe – Carol Harlow: Deconstructing Government? – Paul Craig: The Constitutionalization of Community Administration – Javier Couso: Judicial Independence in Latin America: The Lessons of History in Search for an Always Elusive Ideal – Tom Ginsburg: Beyond Judicial Review: Ancillary Powers of Constitutional Courts – Bronwen Morgan: The Internationalization of Economic Review of Legislation: Non-Judicial Legalization? – Martin Shapiro: Law, Courts and Politics.