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Applied Interpersonal Communication Matters

Family, Health, and Community Relations


René M. Dailey and Beth A. Le Poire

Contents: John P. Caughlin/Ted L. Huston: Demand/Withdraw Patterns in Marital Relationships: An Individual Differences Perspective – Rachel S. Malis/Michael E. Roloff: Features of Serial Arguing and Coping Strategies: Links with Stress and Well-Being – Tamara D. Afifi/Tara McManus: Communal Coping Dilemmas in Post-Divorce Families: Introducing Meaning Back into Coping – Daena J. Goldsmith/Kristin Lindholm Gumminger/Jennifer J. Bute: Communication About Lifestyle Change Between Cardiac Patients and Their Partners – C. Arthur VanLear: A Life of Sobriety: Communication and Taking Steps on a Pathway Toward Emotional Quality of Life – Ashley P. Duggan/Beth A. Le Poire/Kathleen J. Addis: A Qualitative Analysis of Communicative Strategies Used by Partners of Substance Abusers and Depressed Individuals During Recovery: Implications for Inconsistent Nurturing as Control Theory – Melanie R. Trost/Stephen Yoshimura: The Importance of Competing Relational Goals in Resisting Offers of Alcohol – Donald J. Cegala: The Impact of Patients’ Communication Style on Physicians’ Discourse: Implications for Better Health Outcomes – Dale E. Brashers/Elaine Hsieh/Judith L. Neidig/Nancy R. Reynolds: Managing Uncertainty About Illness: Health Care Providers as Credible Authorities – Howard Giles/Jennifer Fortman/René M. Dailey/Valerie Barker/Christopher Hajek/Michelle Chernikoff Anderson/Nicholas O. Rule: Communication Accomodation: Law Enforcement and the Public – Denise Haunani Solomon: A Relational Framing Perspective on Perceptions of Social-Sexual Communication at Work.