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Classroom Teaching

An Introduction

Joe L. Kincheloe

Classroom Teaching: An Introduction provides both prospective and practicing educators with a provocative examination of some of the most practical concerns of teaching. Topics include classroom management, effective and creative teaching methods, classroom violence, motivation, legal issues of teaching, technology, diversity, and parental involvement in their children’s educational progress. Throughout this volume, special attention is given to respect for the profession and to the capacity for self-direction among educators. Both practical and visionary, Classroom Teaching: An Introduction examines the challenges of today’s classroom new and exciting ways and engages teachers with questions involving educational purpose, curriculum development, contemporary educational politics, the various contexts in which schooling takes place, and the conceptual frameworks on which teachers can ground their teaching. This is a smart book on the nature of teaching and how to do it well. There is no other book like it.
Contents: Joe L. Kincheloe: What Are We Doing Here? Building a Framework for Teaching – Joe L. Kincheloe: Issues of Power, Questions of Purpose – Philip M. Anderson: The Meaning of Pedagogy – Mordechai Gordon: The Basics, Educational Purpose, and the Curriculum – Joe L. Kincheloe: The Curriculum and the Classroom – Karel Rose: Philosophy Matters for Teachers – Tricia Kress: The Teacher as Mediator between Schools and Students – Elizabeth E. Heilman: The «Social» Dimensions of Classroom Teaching – Kenneth Tobin: Using Technology in the Classroom – Nina Zaragoza: Including Families in the Teaching and Learning Process – David C. Bloomfield: Legal Issues in the Classroom – Patricia A. Whang: Disrupting Discipline – Kathryn Herr: Reconsidering Problem Students – Shaheen Shariff/Teresa Strong-Wilson: Bullying and New Technologies – Julia Ellis: Creative Classroom Teaching – Kathleen S. Berry: Using Drama Across the Curriculum – Leif Gustavson/Peter Appelbaum: Youth Culture Practices, Popular Culture, and Classroom Teaching – Pam Joyce: Uncovering Untapped Potential: Transdisciplinary Literacy – Gina Marisol Candelier-Diaz: Teaching Critical Thinking in a World of Difference – Ibrahim Abukhattala/Joan Russell: Diversity in Classrooms: Four Arab Muslim Women Speak Out – Mark Dunetz: Classroom Teaching Methods: Students as Inquirers – Wolff-Michael Roth: Body and Emotion in Knowing and Learning.