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Reclaiming the Public University

Conversations on General and Liberal Education


Judith Summerfield and Crystal Benedicks

Contents: Judith Summerfield: The Project: Common/Uncommon Ground – Judith Summerfield/Crystal Benedicks: What Is in This Book? – Sean Egan: CUNY Histories: Liberal Education and the Free Academy – Philip M. Anderson: Curriculum Mapping: Climbing out of the Briar Patch – Robert Whittaker: General Education vs. Education Generally: Curriculum Renewal in an Urban College – David Podell/Jonathan D. Sassi/Jane Marcus-Delgado: The Comprehensive College as Civilized Hydra: General Education at the College of Staten Island – Linda Stanley/Anita Ferdenzi/Paul Marchese/Margaret J. Reilly: A Jazz Performance: Improvisations on General Education at a CUNY Community College – Donald M. Scott: Reforming General Education at Queens College – Ann Davison/Sue Lantz Goldhaber: Integration, Socialization, Collaboration: Inviting Native and Non-Native English Speakers into the Academy Through «Reacting to the Past» – Robert F. Cohen/Kim Sanabria: Our Mission at Hostos: Charting a Course to Self-Empowerment – Crystal Benedicks: The Shakespeare Portal: Teaching the Canon at the Community College – David Potash: A Shared Classroom: General Education at Baruch College – Paul Arcario/James Wilson: Putting It Together: General Education at LaGuardia Community College – Erin Martineau: Disciplinary Ways of Knowing: The Value of Anthropological Thinking in General Education – Cheryl C. Smith: Opening the Invisible Gateway: Some «Common Things» About Student Writing – Crystal Benedicks: Afterword: On Metaphors and Genres.