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Empirical Issues in Formal Syntax and Semantics

Selected Papers from the Colloque de Syntaxe et de Sémantique de Paris (CSSP 1995)

Francis Corblin, Danièle Godard and Jean-Marie Marandin

The present volume is a collection of studies devoted to major issues in contemporary syntax and semantics: in particular, argument structure, ellipsis, negation and scope. The papers included, which represent a number of formally rigorous contemporary frameworks, bring out new facts from a large variety of languages as well as novel solutions to a broad range of analytic puzzles.
Part One illustrates the major ways in which argument structure is used and conceptualized. Part Two provides new perspectives on ellipsis, applying concepts and tools developed for focus, questions and quantification. Part Three introduces a number of novel proposals for the representation of scope, considerably enlarging the empirical domain of scope relations.
These studies are unusual in that they combine an enthusiasm for detailed syntactic and semantic data and a serious concern for formal rigor. They discuss data from a wide variety of languages, including Japanese, Bulgarian, French, Greek, English, Italian, German, Hungarian, Inuit and Western Austronesian languages. The main themes of the book include negation, argument structure, ellipsis, indefinites, telicity, presuppositions, modality and quantification.
Contents: Paolo Acquaviva: The Logical Form of Negative Concord - Martin Everaert/Elena Anagnostopoulou: Thematic Hierarchies and Binding Theory: Evidence from Greek - Fusa Katada: Agglutinative Causatives and Morphology - Christopher Manning: Grammatical Relations versus Binding: On the Distinctness of Argument Structure - Stella Markantonatou/Louisa Sadler: Linking Indirect Arguments and Verb Alternation in English - María-Eugenia Niño: The Multiple Expression of Inflectional Information and Grammatical Architecture - Franz Beil: On Antecedent Contained Ellipsis - Georges Rebuschi: Quirky Dependence: Discourse Pronouns and Predicate Ellipsis - Maribel Romero: Recoverability Conditions for Sluicing - Francis Corblin/Ivan Derzhanski: Multiple Negation, Optional Arguments and the Reification of Eventualities - Donka Farkas: Dependent Indefinites - Michael Johnston: The Telic/Atelic Distinction and the Individuation of Quantificational Domains - Frank Keller: Underspecified Presuppositions - Rodger Kibble: Modal Insubordination - Jürgen Pafel: Wh-Phrases in the Scope of (other) Quantifiers.