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Russia's Place in Europe- A Security Debate

A Security Debate


Contents: Andrey Kortunov: Russian National Interests: The State of Discussion - Tatyana Parkhalina: Impacts of Domestic and Regional Factors on Russia's Foreign and Security Policy - Tatyana Yevgeneva: The Myth of the «West» in Russian Political Culture and its Impact on Foreign and Security Policy - Dmitriy Trenin: Reluctant Adaptation: Russia's Security Policy towards New Eastern Europe and the Baltic States - Leonid Bilousov: Ukrainian-Russian Relations and the Debate on NATO Enlargement - Anatoliy Rozanov: Belarus, Russia, and a New European Security Architecture - Aleksey Filitov: Soviet Security Concepts in Historical Retrospective - Yevgeniy Bazhanov: Russian Foreign and Security Policy in its Global Dimension - Sergey Rogov: Security Relations between Russia and the Western World - Igor Maximychev: Russia's Concept of a New European Security Architecture - Vassiliy Sokolov/Andrey Korneev: East-West Cooperation and International Ecological Security.