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Metaphor, Canon and Community

Jewish, Christian and Islamic approaches


Ralph Bisshops and James M. M. Francis

Contents: James Francis: God as Worker - A Metaphor from Daily Life in Biblical Perspective - Robert L. Platzner: In the Cleft of a Rock - Metaphors of Divine Concealment and Disclosure in the Hebrew Bible - Martin Pöttner: Metaphors of Universal Love (Mt. 5:13a, 14a) - Francesca Rigotti: Cultura animi, cultura dei - Worship as Agriculture in Early Christianity - Recep Yaparel: The Role of Religious Symbols and Metaphors in Relation to Positive Mental Health - With a Reference to Islamic Mysticism (Sufism) - Bernd Kuschnerus: «You Yourselves are our Letter» - 2Cor 3 as an Example for the Usage of Metaphor in Paul - Lawrence A. Hoffman: Healing the Sick as an Exercise in Religious Metaphor - Daniel J. Louw: Diagnostic Criteria for an Assessment of God-Images in Pastoral Counselling - Recai Dogan: Metaphorical Expressions in the Prophet Muhammad's Hadith - Anna Wierzbicka: What did Jesus Mean? - The Lord's Prayer Translated into Universal Human Concepts - Marc Z. Brettler: The Metaphorical Mapping of God in the Hebrew Bible - Berel Dov Lerner: Oppressive Metaphor and the Liberating Literal Sense - Mehmet S. Aydin: Al-Ghazâli on Metaphorical Interpretation - Frank Miege: Sacramental Semeiosis - Fragmentary Reflection in Connection with a Semiotic Reconstruction of the Debate between Luther and Zwingli over the Lord's Supper - Ralph Bisschops: Metaphor as the Internalisation of a Ritual - With a Case Study on Samuel Holdheim (1806-1860).