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Metaphor and God-talk


Lieven Boeve and Kurt Feyaerts

Contents: Robert Cummings Neville: A pragmatic semiotic theory of religious symbolism - Wim A. de Pater: Analogy and disclosures: On religious language - Gustavo Zonana: On the names of God: Notes on the construction of interpretive frames for religious language - Richard G. Swinburne: Analogy, metaphor, and religious language - Hubert Knoblauch: Metaphors, transcendence and indirect communication: Alfred Schutz' phenomenology of the life-world and the metaphors of religion - Jean-Pierre Van Noppen: Christian theographic metaphors: Ordinary words with extraordinary meanings - Robert Maier: Religious communication and pragmatic metaphors - Zdravko Radman: In the name of God: Towards a concept of virtual meaning - Roberta Pires de Oliveira: 'Mother in heaven': A desirable metaphor? - Lieven Boeve and Kurt Feyaerts: Religious metaphors in a postmodern culture: Transverse links between apophatical theology and cognitive semantics - Antonio Barcelona: The metaphorical and metonymic understanding of the trinitarian dogma - Troels Nørager: 'Heart' as metaphor in religious discourse - William H. Huseman: The sacred centre of orthodoxy: Metaphorical links between sexual impurity and heresy - Victor Balaban: Religious metaphor and cognitive linguistics: Perceptual metaphors for knowledge at a Marian apparition site - Wesley J. Wildman: Strategic mechanisms within religious symbol systems.