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Powerful Bodies

Performance in French Cultural Studies


Victoria Best and Peter Collier

Contents: Victoria Best / Peter Collier: Theory as/of Performance - Philippe Parker: Performing Emotion in the Commedia dell'Arte - David Jones: The Performance of the Abject: Jean Genet's Ce qui est resté d'un Rembrandt and Pompes Funèbres - Kate Ince: Between the Acts: Orlan, Performance and Performativity - Emma Wilson: Re-viewing Voyeurism: Performance and Vision in Kieslowski - Anna Myatt: Roland Barthes: Role Play in Autobiography and Photography - Julia Waters: 'L'écrivain est quelqu'un qu'on apostrophe': Media Image in Duras and Robbe-Grillet - Catherine Matheson: Vive le Québec libre: De Gaulle as Street Theatre in Quebec in 1967 - Johanna Malt: Montage in Surrealism as Political Metaphor: Performative Constructions of Meaning and Knowledge in Surrealism - Andy Stafford: 'Mise en crise': Roland Barthes from Stage to Text - Meryl Tyers: Identity and Poetry in Fragments: Bernard Noël in Close-up - Farhad Khoyratty: Brave New Words for Brave New Worlds? Illocutionary Force in Paul et Virginie and The Satanic Verses - Sarah Cooper: Genre and Sexuality: Cixous's and Derrida's Textual Performances.