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From Classical Shades to Vickers Victorious: Shifting Perspectives in British German Studies

Papers delivered at the Conference of University Teachers of German, University of Leicester, 6-8 April 1998


Prof. Steve Giles and Peter Graves

Contents: Maike Oergel: Overshadowed by Antiquity? British and German Thoughts on the Formation of a Modern Identity 1750-1850 - Richard Littlejohns: When the Saints... The Literary Canon - Derek McCulloch: Haydn in England, Haydn on England: an Austrian at the Court of King George - Heike Bartel: Language of Translation, Language of Poetry: Friedrich Hölderlin's Pindar-Fragmente - Axel Goodbody: From Raabe to Amery: German Literature in Ecocritical Perspective - Robert Atkins: Versions of Reality: Hochhuth's Effis Nacht, Fontane and Spielhagen - Judith Beniston: History and the Holocaust in Hochhuth's Der Stellvertreter - Bill Dodd: Down but Not Out: Dolf Sternberger's Critique of Sprachwissenschaft - Jonathan West: A Functional-notional Grammar of Modern German - Alan Cornell and Ian Roe: A Valency Dictionary for English-speaking Learners of German - Andrew Webber: Kuhle Wampe, or How to Read a Film - Daniela Berghahn: Censorship in GDR Cinema: the Case of Spur der Steine - Rosemary Stott: The Reception of American Cinema in the GDR 1970-1989 - Jean-Marc Trouille: Arte - Franco-German Venture or First Fully-fledged European Channel? - Nigel Thomas: The Role of the Bundeswehr in Post-Unification Germany - David Head and Marianne Howarth: Vickers Victorious? The Sale of Rolls-Royce Cars and Changing Media Perceptions of the Impact of Germany on the UK Business Environment.