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International Security Challenges in a Changing World


Kurt R. Spillmann and Joachim Krause

Contents: Ann Fitz-Gerald: Problems and Prospects in Implementing the Initial Enlargement Round - Barna Zsigmond: Prospects and Problems for the Further Enlargement of NATO - Astrid Scharf: The Arab-Israeli Peace Process: From Madrid to Oslo and Beyond - Carlo Masala: Demographic Pressure and Ecological Restraints: The Case of the Mediterranean - Claude Nicolet: Admitting the Inevitable: A New Approach to the Cyprus Conflict - Mustafa Aydin: Regional Security Issues and Conflicts in the Caucasus and the Caspian Regions - Maree Reid: The Asia-Pacific: A Zone of Co-operative Security or a Hotbed for Conflicts? - Richard A. Falkenrath: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Terrorism - Jeffrey P. Bradford: Information Vulnerabilities - Elisabeth Hauschild: Modern and Information Warfare: A Conceptual Approach - Leif Ohlsson: Water Scarcity and Conflict - Gideon Rose: Energy Security and the Middle East - Sonia Lucarelli: Conflict Prevention in Post-Cold War Europe: Lack of Instruments or Lack of Will? - Kori Schake: The Dayton Peace Accords: Success or Failure? - Gilles Carbonnier: The Challenges of Rebuilding War-torn Economies - Anthony Forster: Cooperative Security Structures of the Western World: Challenges to Western Security in the 21st Century.