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Between Russia and the West:- Foreign and Security Policy of Independent Ukraine

Foreign and Security Policy of Independent Ukraine


Kurt R. Spillmann, Andreas Wenger and Derek Müller

Contents: Olga Alexandrova: The Premises of Ukrainian Foreign and Security Policy – Taras Kuzio: Slawophiles versus Westernizers: Foreign Policy Orientations in Ukraine – Aleksandr Parfionov: Foreign and Security Policy Views of Relevant Ukrainian Political Forces – Anatolii Grytsenko: Ukraine's Defense Sector in Transition: Impacts on Foreign and Security Policy – James Sherr: After Yugoslavia: Whither Ukraine? – Oleksandr Potekhin: The NATO-Ukraine Partnership: Problems, Achievements and Perspectives – Iris Kempe: The European Union and Ukraine: Interests and Strategies – Oleksandr Pavliuk: The Ukrainian-Polish Strategic Partnership and Central European Geopolitics – Aleksandr Levchenko: Ukraine in the Black Sea and Caspian Regions – Ivana Klympush: Ukraine and Russia: Strategic Partnership vs. Mutual Dependence – Arkadiy Moshes: Ukraine and Russia: A Chronic Crisis – Hermann Clement: Economic Aspects of Ukrainian-Russian Relations – Hryhorii Nemyria: Regional Identity and Interests: The Case of Eastern Ukraine.