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Towards the 21st Century: Trends in Post-Cold War International Security Policy


Kurt R. Spillmann and Andreas Wenger

Contents: Mats Berdal: International Security after the Cold War: Aspects of Continuity and Change - Curt Gasteyger: Old and New Dimensions of International Security - Gregory F. Treverton/Marten van Heuven/Andrew E. Manning: Driving Forces of International Security - John Lewis Gaddis: Muddling Through? A Strategic Checklist for the United States in the Post-Cold War World - William I. Hitchcock: Prospects for Europe and the Atlantic Alliance at Century's End - Fred Tanner: Conflict Management and European Security: The Problem of Collective Solidarity - Pál Dunay: The European Union Entering the 21st Century - Victor-Yves Ghebali: Ethnicity in International Conflicts: Revisiting an Elusive Issue - André Liebich: East Central Europe: The Unbearable Tightness of Being - Yuri Nazarkin: Security Issues for Russia in the New International Context - William C. Wohlforth: New Security Challenge or Old? Russia's Catch-22.