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Corporeal Practices

(Re)figuring the Body in French Studies


Julia Prest and Hannah Thompson

Contents: Julia Prest/Hannah Thompson: Introduction – Yvonne Bolton: On the Perception of the Body in Diderot’s Encyclopédie – David McCallam: The Significance of Scars in some Writings of La Rochefoucauld – Melissa Percival: ‘Un Air de famille’: Greuze’s Heads and the Dissolution of the Genres – Sarah Fishwick: The Fashioned Body in Simone de Beauvoir’s L’Invitée’ and Le Sang des autres – Ryan Song: Comparative Figures of Ageing in the Memoirs of Colette and Beauvoir: Corporeality, Infirmity, Identity – Libbie McQuillan: ‘I live my body, I am my body’: Claire Bretécher’s Comic Bodies – Marion Schmid: The Disembodied Intertext: from Baudelaire’s Passante to Proust’s Albertine – Johanna Buisson: The Search for a Centre: the Mouth as a Crossroads between Body and Poetry in the Poetry of Henri Michaux – Sarah Cooper: Luce Irigaray: Reading and Writing the Body.