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Literature, Markets and Media in Germany and Austria Today


Arthur Williams, Stuart Parkes and Julian Preece

Contents: Stuart Parkes: Introduction: German Authors on the Media – Ralf Schnell: Art, Intellect and Power – Helmut Peitsch: ‘Wer so fernsehtrunken wie ich vorm Glaskasten sitzt, soll nicht mit Steinen werfen’: Peter Rühmkorf’s Tabu I. Tagebücher 1989-1991 – Matthias Uecker: Marketing the Self: Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s rhetorical strategies – Chloe E M Paver: Jesus in the Market Place: Ethical capitalism in Günter Grass’s Unkenrufe – Doris Moser: Authors, Shares and Analyses: The Ingeborg Bachmann Prize as a market for symbolic capital – Laura Ovenden: Writing in the Margin: Elisabeth Reichart’s 'Auseinandersetzung mit Tabubereichen oder mit Verschwiegenem' – David Rock: Jurek Becker as TV Scriptwriter: A former Communist engages with market forces? – Rob Burns: Between Market Assimilation and Cultural Resistance: The migrant writer in the work of Alev Tekinay – Robert Gillett/Astrid Köhler: Manipulating the Medium: Maxie Wander’s Guten Morgen, du Schöne and the concept of ‘Protokolliteratur’ in East and West – Stefan Neuhaus: Modern Inquisition or Democratic Counterweight? The power of the media and the four Christa Wolf 'affairs' – Andrew Plowman: Subject to the Media: The mass media and the autobiographical act in texts by ‘Bommi’ Baumann, Jürgen Becker and Rolf Dieter Brinkmann – Robert Halsall: Christoph Ransmayr’s Morbus Kitahara: An aestheticization of the Holocaust? – Helmut Schmitz: German Unification as Pornographic Nightmare: Thomas Hettche’s Nox – Dieter Stolz: Literature, Market, Media or Mimesis and Simulation: Robert Menasse’s four-volume Trilogie der Entgeisterung – Axel Schalk: The End of Mimesis: Observations on the theatre of the 1990s – Arthur Williams: Botho Strauß’s Defence of the Book against ‘Medienwirtschaft’ and ‘downloadbare Vergangenheit’ – Martin Hielscher: The Return to Narrative and to History: Some thoughts on contemporary German-language literature.