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Kosovo: Lessons Learned for International Cooperative Security


Kurt R. Spillmann and Joachim Krause

Contents: Albrecht Schnabel: Political Cooperation in Retrospect: Contact Group, EU, OSCE, NATO, G-8 and UN Working toward a Kosovo Settlement – Domitilla Sagramoso: Why Did Milosevic Give in? Political Cooperation in Retrospect – Lukas Haynes: The Emergency Response of NATO and Humanitarian Agencies – Eric A. Witte: Reconstructing Kosovo: The Ethnic Dimension – Roberta N. Haar: The Kosovo Crisis and its Consequences for a European Security Architecture – Anastasia V. Mitrofanova: The Military Operation in Kosovo and the European Security System: Lessons Unlearned – Johannes Varwick: The Kosovo Crisis and the European Union: The Stability Pact and its Consequences for EU Enlargement – Andrew B. Denison: The United States and the Lessons of the Kosovo Campaign – Ekaterina Stepanova: Russia’s Policy on the Kosovo Crisis: The Limits of «Cooperative Peacemaking».