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Towards a Different Transcendence

Feminist Findings on Subjectivity, Religion and Values


Kune Biezeveld and Anne-Claire Mulder

Contents: Kune Biezeveld/Anne-Claire Mulder: Introduction – Anne-Marie Korte: Horizons of Subjectivity: Religious Faith and Feminist Identity in Mary Daly’s Writings – Anne-Claire Mulder: A God in the Feminine – Carol Wayne White: Strategic Posit/ioning/s: Poststructuralism, Feminism and Religion – Andrea Günter: Symbolic Materialism and Transcendence. Considerations, emanating from Luce Irigaray, Luisa Muraro, the philosophers of DIOTIMA and the Women of the Women’s Bookstore, Milan – Ina Praetorius: The World as Household and the Household of God – Jeanne Cortiel: Biophilia, Bonding and Bondage: Feminist Theology in a ‘Post-Christian’ Culture – Heather Ingman: The Case of Virginia Woolf: Women, Spirituality and Writing in the Inter-War Period in England – Inez van der Spek: Pregnant with Life and Death. Spirit-Talk in Toni Morrison’s Beloved – Anita Monro: When the ‘Good’ is Not Enough: The Jouissance of Watching/Reading from/for the Subjection of Ambiguity – Gisela Matthiae: Clowness God: A Feminist Deconstruction of the Divine – Kune Biezeveld: God Language as Two-Way Traffic – Mary Keller: Bites, Houses and Loads.